Inpatient Services


Community Healthlink’s Detox, acute inpatient substance abuse treatment services, providers 24 hour nursing care and observation for clients that are detoxing from drugs and alcohol. The length of stay varies per client, though the average is 4 to 6 days for the detoxification program. An aftercare plan is developed for everyone who completes the program, and clients are offered help with aftercare placement and treatment.

Community Healthlink’s detoxification program is licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and has been awarded a three-year accreditation by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). CARF commended the detoxification program for adopting a “continuous quality improvement focus” and for integrating case management into the clinical process, “resulting in the formulation of thorough and comprehensive transition plans” for its clients.

Inpatient detoxification services include: Medical monitoring for acute alcohol/drug intoxication, potentially severe withdrawal syndrome, and related medical problems; 24 hour nursing care and observation; bio-psychosocial assessment and treatment planning; intensive aftercare planning and referrals; daily individual and group counseling; and nicotine replacement therapy.


Group TherapyAs a post-detox Clinical Stabilization Service (CSS) program, PASSages provides intensive, community based, short term (up to 30 days), residential, group, and individual treatment for individuals in the early stages of substance abuse recovery. The program serves adult men and women; length of stay is based on medical necessity. While in the program, individuals gain stability and the necessary skills to assist in transitioning to a substance-free lifestyle. In addition to intensive clinical treatment, PASSages also provides case management services to assists individuals with developing comprehensive aftercare plans. In receiving its 3-year accredidation from CARF, PASSages was commended for its "caring, dedicated, and enthusiastic staff."

Thayer TSS

Community Healthlink’s Thayer Transitional Support Service (TSS) program is a step-down program that provides inpatient substance abuse treatment and transitional support. The TSS program has expertise in providing stabilization services that act upon clients’ motivation for change and enable clients to consolidate and build upon the gains they have already made towards their recovery. The program is staffed 24 hours a day; case managers and nursing on staff are available to assist with any client’s physical or practical needs.

The TSS program’s main goal is to prepare clients to transition into the community and connect them with appropriate community resources so that they will be in the best position to remain sober once discharged. In order to achieve this goal, the TSS program provides all clients with continued substance abuse treatment in a safe environment and its intensive psycho-educational groups and case management services provide clients with the tools they need to stay sober in the community.

In addition, TSS uses an individualized approach to treatment in which all clients have their own personalized treatment and recovery aftercare plan based on their needs. The treatment and aftercare plan integrates components of the AA/NA social model, Motivational Interviewing, Life Skills Development, and Substance Abuse Psycho-education, as well as Health and Wellness initiatives.  

The purpose of the TSS is:
•    To provide thorough substance abuse education and stabilization, and also promote a life of recovery
•    To adequately address any other practical needs that the client might have
•    To transition the client to the next appropriate level of care

TSS offers:
•    A safe environment for clients to stay and receive continued substance abuse treatment while they await further placement
•    Daily psycho-educational groups on Substance Abuse, Relapse Prevention, and Life Skills
•    Health and Wellness/Recreational groups and activities provided daily
•    Case management support to connect clients with community-based resources

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