Westwinds Clubhouse

Westwinds Clubhouse is a model of rehabilitation that provides services to adults who suffer from a mental illness located at 133 Prichard Street, Fitchburg, MA.

Westwinds offers a broad spectrum of services including employment, education, life skills, health and wellness, housing supports, and access to community resources so they can participate fully in their communities.  Members choose and pursue their own personal recovery goals.  They are involved in developing and implementing Clubhouse policies, and partner with staff and peers in a variety of activities and responsibilities to maintain the operation of the program.  Westwinds Clubhouse follows the standards of Clubhouse International. 

For additional information regarding Westwind Clubhouse services, please call 978-345-1581, Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Or send an email to [email protected]


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