BUDD Day Treatment

Who Do We Help?
Our clients are adults 18 years and older who experience psychosocial, emotional, or behavioral problems in their day or residential setting-or both. We also work with individuals who have recently been discharged from the hospital and require a transition back to the community.

Program Goals
The objective of the BUDD Psychiatric Day Treatment Program is to maximize each individual’s ability to live and work as independently as possible in the community. To achieve this goal the program works closely with those persons who provide support for that individual in the community.

What the Program Provides
The BUDD Psychiatric Day Treatment Program features a team of social workers, master’s level clinicians, psychiatrists and rehab counselors. This team emphasizes skill building and guides the individuals toward his/her goal.

Group treatments are used to build:
• emotional regulation
• self esteem
• social expectations
• appropriate expression of sexuality
• medication and wellness issues
• problem solving techniques

Groups may use role play, modeling, and behavioral intervention. Groups are directed by a clinician and rehab counselor, activities include:
• wellness group
• yoga
• walking
• transitions group
• coping group
• stress group
• anger group

Individuals will have a therapist assigned to them who, through the counseling process, will help develop measurable and observable treatment plan goals and objectives.Counseling takes place weekly or as needed. Therapists will provide consultation and support clients as necessary. Treatment goals will be reviewed throughout the time they attend the program in order to maximize the success of the individual. Participation frequency is determined by each individual’s treatment plan.

Dignity and Confidentiality
All individuals are treated with dignity and respect for self-determination. Each individual’s rights are respected and a program staff member is also a human rights officer.

BUDD serves individuals who have intellectual disabilities and are experiencing impulse control and/or behavior problems, social skill deficits or other needs that limit their ability to function within the community.

BUDD uses group and individual therapy as well as behavioral programming to help individuals achieve their therapeutic goals.
The program staff works closely with care and support providers to tailor interventions that will generalize to the home and day program settings. BUDD emphasizes helping an individual achieve the highest level of independent functioning that he or she can reach.

The BUDD program is comitted to helping individuals by providing services before the problem becomes severe.

Payments and Referrals:
While services are covered by most insurance plans there are exceptions. Medicaid, MBHP, and MassHealth will reimbursed the cost of day treatment. The Department of Developmental Disabilities also provides some funding for uninsured individuals on a case-by case basis.

Service recipients are responsible for co-pays and deductibles associated with their insurance plan.

Individuals can be referred directly by DDS, DMH or any entity or care provider that works with the individual or through the local area offices in Fitchburg and Worcester.

Referral forms can be sent by mail to the address below or to the fax number:

BUDD Day Treatment Program
275 Nichols Road
Fitchburg, MA 01420
Phone: 978-343-6957
Fax: 978-345-1378

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