Parking Map


First Shift:

12 Queen St

72 Jaques Avenue

Parking is allowed in Lot D, to the side of 72 Jaques Avenue and also in Lot C, bordering King St. Those with permission are allowed to park in the lot behind 12 Queen St.  There is some street parking available.

After 7pm, there is NO parking in Lot D, Lot C, behind 12 Queen St. or on the street during WINTER parking ban.

Second and Third Shifts

12 Queen St.

72 Jaques Ave

26 Queen St.

Parking is allowed in Lot C on the west side of the building until 7pm.  Parking is allowed in Lot B where it borders Queen St. after 3pm.  

All Shifts and Long Term Clients

There is parking available to long term clients, and overflow parking for staff, in the lot at the corner of King and Bluff streets.  

Make sure upon admission that they do not leave their car where it does not belong to avoid unnecessary towing.

Community Healthlink Program Vehicles

There are reserved, marked spots in Lot B along the wooden rails facing Jaques Avenue, these are reserved for program vehicles.  Park with respect to the small amount of space allocated, within lines and straight.  No other vehicles should be parking there.  No Exceptions

Commercial Vehicles

There is reserved parking for delivery vehicles on 72 Jaques Avenue just after the entrance to Lot D.  Please respect this space.

Community Healthlink is committed to the safety of its employees.  Lot B parking is mandatory for second and third shifts and all other staff working after 7pm.  This lot has the best lighting and is completely covered by security cameras.  Additionally, in the winter, the 7pm parking ban in LOT D, behind 12 Queen St. and the street facilitates  plowing and snow removal.  Refer to and keep the attached map for reference.


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