Tenancy Preservation Program (TPP)

The Tenancy Preservation Program (TPP) works with tenants who are facing eviction.

The reason for the eviction must be related to a disability (e.g., mental illness, physical and developmental impairments, substance abuse and aging-related impairments).

The program functions as a neutral party to the landlord and tenant. In consultation with the Housing Courts of Central Massachusetts, TPP works with property owner and tenant to determine whether the disability can be reasonably accommodated.

TPP specialists are able to help vulnerable clients stabilize tenancies and secure services or other assistance, which may enable a tenancy to be preserved. Consultation services are provided to tenants, landlords, and community agencies.

Assessment and Referral
TPP clinicians are able to:
• Assess the reasons for the eviction,
• Identify needed services,
• Develop a treatment plan to maintain the tenancy, and
• Monitor the case for as long as is necessary.

TPP makes regular reports to all parties involved in the case, i.e., the Court, property owner, and tenant. Though not a housing search program, if the tenancy cannot be preserved, TPP coordinates the tenant’s referrals to appropriate resources, preventing homelessness whenever possible.

TPP features:
• Intervention strategies combined with intensive support to prevent homelessness of persons with disabilities;
• Readily available clinical expertise to the housing court; and
• Ongoing work groups with relevant stakeholders to ensure support and value of the TPP.


TPP Eligibility Criteria

• Tenant at imminent risk of eviction
• Tenant must have been served a Notice to Quit by his/her landlord
• Eviction is a result of behavior related to a disability in the household

Once a Referral is Made

• The tenant is assessed to ensure that he/she meets the eligibility criteria. A treatment plan is developed with the tenant, including a determination of referrals to be made to service providers.

• TPP staff work to establish new services for the tenant and interact with all service providers to stabilize the tenant’s housing situation.

• If there is a waitlist, tenants with subsidies are prioritized.

• Once eviction is no longer a concern and the tenant is connected to other services inthe community, TPP will close the case.

Contact Information

A TPP representative is available in Housing Court on the following days:

Monday, 2 pm
279 West Main Street
Dudley, MA 01571

Tuesday and Thursday
9 am & 2 pm
225 Main Street
Worcester, MA 01608

Friday, 9 am
25 School Street
Leominster, MA 01453

Tuesday, 9 am
45 Williams Street
Marlborough, MA 01752

To contact TPP directly:
Amy Garner
TPP Director
(508) 438-5656

The TPP is made possible with funding from MassHousing, federal and state agencies and private foundations.

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