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  • More than 22,000 children and adults receive high-quality behavioral health, addiction, and homelessness services from Community Healthlink each year.
  • Over 4,000 patients, many of whom have serious mental illness and/or homeless, receive integrated primary care and behavioral health services at Community Healthlink.
  • We can provide more than 3,500 inpatient substance abuse treatment admissions each year.


But the numbers aren't the only thing that matters. By donating to Community Healthlink, you make a real difference in the lives of real people. People like:

Jessica, who is a graduate of CHL's Motivating Youth Recovery (MYR) program - the only adolescent detoxification and stabilization program in Massachusetts. Jessica struggled with an opioid addiction throughout her teen years but credits her time at MYR with turning her life around. Now sober, she says, "MYR changed the way I live my life."




Scott, a member of CHL's Westwinds Clubhouse, which offers people who have mental illness opportunities to advance their recovery. Members gain access to opportunities to rejoin the worlds of friendship, employment, and education. Ultimately, through his membership at Westwinds, Scott has been able to gain employment in the community and begin taking courses at a local community college. Scott says he hopes to one day open his own program to help at-risk youth and homeless individuals turn their lives around.


Carissa, who moved to the area just after her son, Max, was diagnosed with ADHD. She was connected to CHL's Families and Communities Together (FCT) program to gain support while caring for Max. FCT provided Carissa with an Intensive Care Coordinator who provided therapeutic support, and a Family Partner, a caregiver who has experience raising youth with special needs. Together, they created an individualized care plan for Max and supported Carissa as she advocated for Max's needs in school and the community. Carissa says, "It was great to have them in my life. FCT helped me stay on my feet, which helped my kids stay on their feet and make this our home."


Javier, whose struggle with emotional disturbance during adolescence led to an inability to create and sustain healthy friendships that left him feeling friendless and depressed. Javier participated in CHL's Support for Success program, and worked closely with a Therapeutic Mentor for nearly three years. Javier's like has turned around. Now, Javier is surrounded with healthy relationships. Javier explains, "It's nice to know that people like you and enjoy hanging out with you."
Your gift of any amount can make outcomes like these a reality for our clients!
Your contributions are essential to providing behavioral health services to those in need in our community. They transform lives by helping our clients:
  • Manage mental illness
  • Conquer addiction
  • Move through trauma
  • Establish permanent housing
  • Develop strong and healthy relationships

On behalf of all of the Community Healthlink family, THANK YOU for being one of our greatest friends and allies as we work together to ensure that our clients can recover from the impacts of mental illness, addiction, and homelessness.

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