Geriatric Services goal is to provide a comprehensive range of mental health care services to residents with a focus on preserving dignity, minimizing decline, and enhancing quality of life.

Community Healthlink’s Geriatric Services has proudly served residents of Central Massachusetts area rest homes, long-term care facilities and nursing and rehabilitation facilities for 20 years.

Quality Care & Community-Based Services

Geriatric Services at Community Healthlink strives to provide high quality geropsychiatric and mental health care to individuals in nursing home facilities in Central Massachusetts.

Geropsychiatric consultation is provided to residents of skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities, long-term care facilities, and rest homes throughout Central Massachusetts.

The scope of services includes:

A comprehensive assessment is performed by an assigned clinician. If indicated, a referral will be made to the psychiatrist or nurse practitioner and follow-up is determined on an individual case basis. Referred residents who are on antipsychotic medications will be seen in compliance with OBRA regulations with AIMS testing included.

Patients with emotional and/or behavioral symptoms may be referred to a clinician. The treatment modality is usually short-term with goals established that are measurable and attainable. The focus of treatment is to alleviate emotional distress, change maladaptive behavior, and improve level of functioning.

Recommendations are based on diagnosis and target identified symptoms. The goal is to maintain the resident on the lowest effective dose of any necessary psychotropic medication, and to monitor for efficacy and side effects.

Treatment is focused on developing a behavioral plan and working with facility staff to modify and manage problematic behaviors. Case specific consultation using a team approach will be provided when indicated.

Clinical staff will provide consultation to facility staff and families as needed to discuss treatment planning.

More Information

The Geriatric Services division provides services in Central Massachusetts to:
• Residents of area nursing and rehabilitation facilities, long-term care facilities, and rest homes
• Staff working in these facilities
• Families of clients

Geriatric Services staff includes:
• A board-certified psychiatrist with added qualifications in geriatrics
• A nurse practitioner
• Licensed Masters level clinicians who demonstrate proficiency in the geriatric mental health field and are knowledgeable regarding current treatment modalities

Services are covered by:
• Medicaid
• Medicare
• Many HMOs and commercial insurers

Prior approvals must be obtained.

For more information:
Geriatric Services
72 Jaques Avenue
Worcester, MA 01610
Phone: 508-860-1154

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