Wellness Services

Wellness Services at Community Healthlink’s Outpatient Primary Care Clinics

As a component of Community Healthlink's Primary Care Clinics, Wellness Services provides support to clients who need help with incorporating wellness into their daily lives, or who have chronic or serious medical conditions.

Through Wellness Services, Nurse Care Managers will track weight, vitals, labs, etc.; assist with coordinating health care appointments; provide wellness education and treatment planning.

Living a Healthier Lifestyle

Wellness Services offers wellness groups, education and treatment for:

•    Healthy Diet and Nutrition
•    Weight Loss
•    Exercise
•    Stress Reduction
•    Mindfulness
•    Diabetes Management
•    Smoking Cessation
•    Chronic Illness Self-Management



We urge you to talk to your therapist or psychiatrist if you are interested in participating in this program, or would like more information.

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