Respite Beds

As a short-term service, DMH-funded Respite Beds is a 24-hour staffed program designed to address the reason for referral to the program, and address any barriers to discharge. The program provides a variety of wellness groups on-site to provide daily structure, connection to community supports as well as peer supports. Clients in Respite have access to psychiatric consultations, a mental health clinician and medication support as well as a nurse to provide health assessments, as needed.

Community Healthlink provides eleven Respite Beds on its main Worcester campus for the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health (DMH)-Worcester service system. The program provides temporary housing and support services for clients who are in transition from one living arrangement to another, sometimes coming directly from Worcester Recovery Center and Hospital, or from a community inpatient unit. These beds are co-located with a community-based Crisis Stabilization Unit and on-site Emergency Services Program. A Mobile Respite program is also available to provide outreach to DMH clients in the Worcester area who may need assistance with daily living or support through a crisis.

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